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What are your clients asking you?

I just had a new connection on LinkedIn like the following post by Andrew Carey, MBA. I'd completely forgotten about it (it was 8 months ago).

Sometimes you meet people who just go the extra mile with absolutely no hooks or underlying "catch"- and today I have had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Peter Macmillan. After walking around the CBD of #melbourne for half a day looking for someone to witness a document urgently, I read about Peter and the incredible service he offers the community as a fee-free service. I can't thank Peter enough, and if anyone is looking for similar assistance - look him up!

A lot of things have happened since then, including moving again to a much bigger office, serving many more clients and finding even more opportunities to help people, not just in Melbourne but around the world.

In my nearly 60 years of life experience, when we help others with no expectation of return, the return inevitably comes in ways we could never have imagined. But that return is not the goal.

Focus on the little things and help where you can, be genuine and be grateful that we can embrace seasons in our lives that are less about personal ambition and achievement, and more about meeting the needs of others.

More than one of my clients has asked me to my face if I really am a lawyer (I've been one for 30 years). I now take that as a compliment and an encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing.

What are your clients asking you?

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