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Real Lawyers. Real Cases. Real Life.

Internships, Mentoring and Practical Workshops for Law Students and Law School Graduates

Our Story

The Macmillan School of Practising Lawyers (TMS) mentors law students and graduates as they transition from their formal legal studies to the day-to-day realities of a practising lawyer.

Traditional law schools teach students legal theory and how to interpret and apply court cases and legislation. But they don't provide first-hand accounts of the practical tasks and challenges that lawyers face on a daily basis.

Nor can they provide personal guidance on the bigger life and career decisions that all legal professionals inevitably encounter.

Through internships, networking events, seminars and workshops, TMS fills this gap in the practical legal education and career development of pre- and early-career lawyers.

We also enable experienced practitioners to "give back" to the next generation of legal professionals, giving them a platform where they can share their stories and advice on a wide range of professional and life issues.

Head of School

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