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Young Businesswoman

Client Testimonials

N. Adam - 5-Stars

“Excellent help from Peter …  He is very organised, friendly  and quick to respond. Highly recommended”

B. Ford - 5-Stars

“ … 100% 5 stars. Professional, accessible, convenient and incredibly friendly … Highly recommended.”

D. Seong - 5-Stars

“He is friendly. Very kind of him explaining my questions.”

S. Tse - 5-Stars

“Peter was very generous with his time and very helpful with very short notice … Thanks Peter for giving a hand during unprecedented times, really appreciated!”

B. Salomons - 5-Stars

“Peter was so incredibly helpful, kind and attentive … your experience will most definitely be a positive and helpful one”

H. Sawas - 5-Stars

“Peter’s approach was warm, sincere and professional … He was generous with his time … an undeniable saint.”

L. Yang - 5-Stars

“He’s helped me a few times … very professional and decent. Words cannot express how nice he is. Dr Peter you are very nice and always full of patience.”

M. Kumar - 5-Stars

“Very friendly, polite and professional. Wonderful person. Thanks for your help.”

R. Vavala - 5-Stars

“Peter is a professional in what he does to help people, very good heart and also very caring.”

Iranga. D - 5-Stars

“Peter is a kind, compassionate, very understanding person, helped me with verification of my legal documents and helped me to understand my legal documents.”

Cyra. G - 5-Stars

“Dr Peter is professional, kind and helpful. He provided proper guidance and advice for me and went through all steps for each document with patience.”

A. Foster - 5-Stars

“Peter helped me by revising and signing very important documents … I am extremely grateful he made an otherwise stressful situation very relaxed.”

C. Bourke - 5-Stars

“... very helpful and quick to respond. Flexible, reliable and very professional.”

Jem. M - 5-Stars

Dr. Peter certified a LOT of my documents, and I mean a LOT. And he provided the service happily, free of charge ... He is flexible and understanding, and quick to respond.

N. Zhu - 5-Stars

“Peter was super friendly, humble and a great help! … Thank you so much for your kindness and making a difference in our lives.”

T. Kataria - 5-Stars

I have never met a beautiful and kind hearted Man before ... He is so helpful and kind with his work. Definitely give him a chance once to make your life easy.

Grace. L - 5-Stars

“Peter was sincere, professional and kind-hearted … He was very thorough and professional.”

W. Tan - 5-Stars

I was referred to Peter by the Supreme Court of Victoria ... On top of providing a great service to the community, he's a genuinely helpful and generous person.

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