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Nick Foulkes

Commercial Law

Nick Foulkes is a highly experienced lawyer with a unique background that includes commercial experience outside of a traditional law firm. He values providing cost-effective solutions to his clients and is known for his deep industry insight and understanding of the industries he serves. He takes a partnering approach to working with his clients, and is committed to providing transparency in fees by offering an hourly rate estimate as a cap and providing ongoing updates on fees. He also offers fixed fees for certain services. He maintains a small client base and focuses on building long-term relationships with clients. He also provides project management services and specializes in commercial contracting, joint ventures, and shareholder agreements. 


Nick Foulkes is the Legal Practitioner Director and founder of a boutique legal and commercial practice based in Perth, Western Australia. The firm provides legal and commercial advice and solutions to clients on a variety of business issues, including contracts, tenders, corporate governance, and compliance. The firm has expertise across several disciplines and industries, including defense, construction/infrastructure, finance, resources, transport, and energy.


Nick is a highly respected and experienced lawyer with a successful career spanning almost two decades. Throughout his career, he has represented governments, government agencies, publicly listed companies, multinational companies, and small to medium-sized enterprises. His client list includes the State of Western Australia, major WA government trading entities, the UK Government, the UK Ministry of Defence, and well-known multinational companies such as Samsung C+T, Siemens, Telstra, Lendlease, Cobham, and CPB Contractors. In addition, he has built strong relationships with CEOs, boards of directors, and business owners, acting as a trusted advisor to them.

Nick's extensive experience in advising governments and government agencies is a testament to his ability to navigate the complex legal landscape of the public sector, making him a valuable asset to any organization. He is known for his ability to provide practical and effective solutions to his clients, and his reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable lawyer is well-deserved.


Alaris Consulting
Level 27, St Martins Tower
44 George Street
Perth WA 6000

Nick's webpage

Call: 0414 144 929

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