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Trusted Client Referrals

Peter Macmillan & Associates is a highly specialised legal practice in Melbourne, focused exclusively on attesting, certifying and notarising documents for use in Australia and overseas.

We attract a wide range of clients, and we are constantly referring them to other lawyers when they need help in other areas of law.

That's how Macmillan's List started, as we tapped our professional networks to match the right legal specialists to each of our clients.


Our sole concern is that each of our clients is professionally and effectively served by the lawyers to whom we refer them.

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What Our Clients Need

Some of our clients need help with commercial and corporate matters, such as IP and tech law, employment law, buying and selling businesses, regulatory issues, litigation and more. 


Others need help with family law matters, including divorces and family violence, or with mediation, or they're purchasing properties, navigating visa requirements, or facing criminal proceedings. 

Like we said, we get a wide range of clients, but we only focus on getting their documents attested, certified and notarised. That's why we need to refer them to other lawyers for help with all their other legal issues.

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The Right Lawyers

We refer our clients to trusted law firm partners, barristers, legal consultants, special counsel, sole practitioners, senior associates and junior lawyers. 


We have access to all levels of specialists, and tailor our recommendations to what each client actually needs.


That can mean the best of the best, or just basic competency, or great lawyers who will work as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

Whatever they're looking for, we will search through our list until we find the right lawyers for our clients.

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